Letter From The Founder

When I first set out to found a boutique consulting firm, a name hadn’t existed just yet. There was merely a dream: one of establishing the premier human capital management consulting firm born in the region for the region’s organizations and people. An ambitious vision indeed… but an achievable one, and a much needed one in the Middle East region. Organizations across the region needed a new way of engaging with external consultants. They needed trusted advisors who understand their culture, and partner with their businesses, crafting solutions stemming stem from the organization itself and its people rather than from ancient methodologies and tired frameworks. They needed something new, they needed renewal. Hence, the mythical Phoenix naturally came to mind – the symbol of perpetual renewal. It was thus that Phoenix Consulting was born, in the region, for the region’s organizations and people, promising a renewed approach to partnering with clients and engaging with their business challenges. Today, Phoenix Consulting has come a long way from the initial dream it set out to achieve. We have grown into a diverse team of seasoned management consultants stemming from some of the world’s most prominent global consulting firms. We have established office bases in two separate locations: Lebanon, serving the Levant and Africa; Oman and Dubai, serving the Gulf region. We have developed our own proprietary methodologies and integrated approaches to address our clients’ organizational challenges. We have forged numerous strategic alliances with different solution providers that complement and reinforce our service offering to our clients. We have successfully delivered an ever-increasing number of client engagements and tailored projects across diverse industries and different geographies within the Middle East region. And we have only just gotten started. Our future shall be marked with our identity of perpetual renewal, as we relentlessly strive to fulfill our dream, which became our vision – that of being the premier human capital management consulting firm born in the region for the region’s organizations and people. On behalf of the Phoenix Consulting team, I thank you for your trust in our commitment to serve you as our cherished clients, and I welcome you to our website. Sincerely, Zahi Elias Mimassi Founder

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